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All emotions can be expressed with a K-Pop music video.

agreed. i’ve been feeling ring ding dong as shit lately. 


What the hell and Fuck?


I really wanna fuck in a pool. Like the possibilities are endless. My god. But it’s like. Our pool. In our backyard you feel me. Boy. Bet I be eating pussy under water. That’s some wavy next level shit. Put on my goggles. And i’m gone. That’d be some shit if i’m eating her and she’s so into it and she feels me stop and is like ” baby ? ” and i’m on the other side of the pool floating dead. I forgot I needed air. Ain’t even come up smh


some people draw fast and I ain’t one of ‘em


sorry guys i tripped

track name: Candyman
artist: Christina Aguilera
album: Back to Basics
play count: 28089


candyman // christina aguilera

he’s a one stop shop
makes the panties drop
he’s a sweet talkin’, sugar coated candyman


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I am neither Imperial nor Nord, neither Orc or Elf.

I am the last of my race.

The race of Jonathan Joestar.

I must find this


thanks for the request


stone free fall

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